Helena Blavatsky – The Secret Doctrine – Ebook and Audiobook

The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy

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The Secret Doctrine is the Magnum Opus of Madame Blavatsky’s life work. Originally published in 1888, it is an extension and conclusion of the work presented in her first major publication, “Isis Unveiled”. Covering the evolution of the cosmos and mankind, as well as mythology, philosophy, science, and much more, it is a book of epic proportion that lays the foundation for modern Theosophy and many of its offshoots. Many well known occultists of the 20th century found inspiration from Blavatsky and her work. Content in the book can be very very hard to grasp and incorporates many a lot of terminology from Hinduism, most likely owing to Blavatsky’s time traveling and studying there, while disguised as a man. It is one of the most important and dense books ever written on ancient knowledge. Although many people debate her character and her theories put forth, undoubtedly The Secret Doctrine contains some of the most in depth information ever revealed about esoteric, and occult concepts. Every researcher of these fields should read this book at least once, if not more. Attached are the basic text version and the facsimile version of the original print of all 3 versions and the index, as well as a link to the audiobook version. Enjoy

Helena Blavatsky - The Secret Doctrine Text Edition.pdf

The Secret Doctrine Facsimile Edition Vol. 1 - Cosmogenesis.pdf

The Secret Doctrine Facsimile Edition Vol. 2 - Anthropogenesis.pdf

The Secret Doctrine Facsimile Edition Vol. 3.pdf

The Secret Doctrine Facsimile Edition - Index to 3 Volumes.pdf

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